Quest X5 (2019)

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Detection Platform: CVX Compact VLF
Display: 3” LCD 60x45mm
Coil: Waterproof TurboD Blade 9×5”
Battery: 1000mAh Li-Po battery for 8~12Hrs
Recharge method: Micro USB port
Audio output: Built-in buzzer or 3.5mm wire
earphone jack
Protection: Weatherproof / rainproof
Gauge: Battery level, Audio level, 99 Target ID,
TID bars (5 segments), Depth, Sensitivity level, Detection modes
Search modes: All Metal (AM), Coin, Jewelry
Shaft design: from 104cm to 55cm measured from handle to coil joint
Frequency: 7.99 kHz 12.5 kHz
Target ID range: 1~99
Weight: ~947gram/850gram (without mid rod)
Pinpoint function: Yes
Ground balance: Yes

Additional information
Weight 1.4 kg